Magic is in the air…

Remember the very last instance when you experienced a genuine dash of adrenaline marathon through your veins, so exhilarating that you simply do not want to wish it away any time soon, but however, at that instant, it comes to an end–bequeathing you with an insane craving…

Men that have their game in check when it comes to knowing how to flirt with attractive girls are fortunate enough to take pleasure in this rare luxury.

They don’t merely take pleasure in this whilst it lasts, but they additionally possess greater chances of an “after-party”. If this gets you all green-eyed and longing, then it really does come as no wonder.

Witnessing a lady react to you in a quintessence so sentimentally overpowering and so bodily apparent, so actual in her words and in her manner of speech; that is each and every guy’s fantasy but an actuality to only just a couple of guys.

Provided that hardly any girl is incapable of commencing or playing along with a man’s flirting, (keeping in mind that they all appreciate it emotionally and physically) you just haven’t any excuse to pass up all the heat rush aside from the case that you do indeed believe you are “too elderly”–and that would be your own perception, not any other person’s!

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