Figuring out what you need to do as a man

What exactly is it about struggling too laboriously to realize something that often a times backfires right in front of your eyes? If you are a guy, then you perhaps know this far too very well, and especially when it comes to liking a girl that does not share the same feelings…

You’ve attempted to your level best, you’ve tried everything basically, but have still failed to obtain the answers to getting a girl to like you more…

However, do not be misled to considering that the final destination forever justifies the means used. What if this woman does end up liking you, but not relatively in the way you would want her to, or as deeply as you’d wish her to?

Remember, if she likes you as a pal, you might have accomplished a specific thing — but not the main thing! And besides, what are the odds that a guy who desires a lady liking him isn’t going to want way more than a “companion” tag?

The big magic is just to not to try extremely hard for whenever you do, you’ll be way too lucky to acquire tags a lot of worse than “friend”. And not unless you are OK with being labeled as “too needing”, then you certainly ought to be cleverer than to suffocate her lest she goes from “like you as my pal” to “not like you as a desperado”!

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