Are you impressive or just a show-off

Have you ever previously inquired from any female friend the best way to impress a girl and as a consequence, she couldn’t help laughing at the question (or presumably you)…? And it’s not like there’s anything so surprising about it, except for the outrageous replies that consistently surface.

“Know how to play the violin or another alluring musical instrument”

Astonished? Don’t be even if this is new to you–some people genuinely believe that a guy will have to learn how to play a difficult or appealing musical instrument to be able to make an impression on a girl…but what if the only thing he’s competent in is pulling harp-strings and not heart-strings?

“Know how to speak in a complicated language and/or have an accent”

This could very likely be the most absurd “solution” in existence, however, you would be amazed by just how many men end up being fooled by this feign. OK, so you can speak French – great, but can you relate with a girl even in unspoken languages?

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