Is meeting a girl the same as picking her up

Do not be fooled by the hullabaloo, picking up girls you meet really isn’t that difficult–to some men, it’s so easy that they do it for the thrill of never failing at it.< What normally might make you feel most self-assured when picking up a girl? Might it be immediately after a couple of drinks or in a peaceful setting with just the two of you? Would you prefer to pick up an easy-going lady that's way below your preference, or rather a beautiful woman who will more than likely ignore your proposal? Believe it or not, the more laid-back you actually are when conversing with a girl, the easier the encounter will be-- and besides that, the greater your probabilities of not getting a rejection. No matter how poorly you've carried out your approaches in the past, figuring out the successful methods and tips is never an exemption...but you will have to consolidate that practice and more practice.>

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