Talk all night long with women that you meet

You happen to be queuing at the local shopping mall and you’re queuing behind this lovely lady that you were so lucky as to briefly meet her eyes. Thus far, neither of you have actually proclaimed a word to each other, but one of you is hurting to! On top of that, you don’t know head from tail in how to start a conversation with a woman.

Anytime you encourage yourself to take up a chat with her–your get all tongue-tied keep letting those once-in-a-lifetime chances pass you…

You can only have so many chances before the queue moves up, and then what? Basically, if you do not indulge her in a conversation–while you can, the only thing you’ll be indulging in will be a stream of “I wish I had’s”.

Just what should you do? Waste no time at all. How much luckier can you get? Here you are so close to a gorgeous lady, so close that you won’t have to take that long walk up to where she is (so you basically have a head-start) and yet you can afford to chicken out?

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