Confessing your intentions

Ever wondered what’s the awkwardest thing to tell a girl? You loving the way she smells exquisite or the way she’s dressed up elegantly; or, that you honestly think she’s very beautiful? Barely any of these are as hard or as trying as telling a woman you like her.

So where in case you do like her, is the embarrassment in liking a woman and aching to tell her you do?

There’s no embarrassment in that, unless only from the rebuff she directs straight your way after you poured out your innermost feelings to her–now that could be quite painful!

But would it in any way be better left to speculate what may have occurred had you unveiled your liking to her?

The delight that comes in getting clean with your emotions can not be outdone by the regrets that would be pestering you for not being honest about your feelings! Be a man and do it today–you never know…

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