Qualities a woman must have for me to date her

Precisely what takes place anytime you are placed facing a court of justice on the account of allegations?

You actually try to defend your case, give your testimony, and most significantly, make an attempt to persuade the jurists.

Even though the magistrate might be the chief of the court of law, the panel of jurors is what counts; your ruling depends on how the jurists qualifies you. The same is applicable to dating, and in an intricate way as well!

Contrary to looking at yourself as the falsely accused, be the juror and have the girl turn out to be the accused such that she is to be the one “pleading her case” to you! So do you know how to qualify a lady?…

The person that ends up “sentencing” the woman (whichever way he desires), is the person that has found out how he should appropriately “qualify females”…

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