The Difference Between Flirting & Thinking You Are Flirting

You know the type, the guy that thinks he is a real casanova with his over the top antics and blatant in your face attempts to flirting.

Does that even work?

What makes it worse is that you can see the fear in the girl’s eyes, shouting out for help and yet casanova seem oblivious.

“If She Looks Uncomfortable, Then You’ve Got To Know When To Quit”

Though I don’t claim to be an expert, flirting with women should be subtle, quiet, soft but yet piercing.

It is no different to how women wear makeup. Makeup should be applied on so that it looks like she is wearing none. Be approached by a girl who resembles a clown, you do start to wonder what she is hiding under those layers.
Do not get me wrong, I believe that beauty is within, but my point is, if a person is trying to hide something or be something they are not, then it is likely to scare people off.

So what is the best way to flirt?

The answer is to just be yourself while adding a little sugar on top. Remember if you want a successful relationship out of this, then she is going to find out who the real you is anyway… so just give it to her from the start.

Teasing is one way that can help with flirting experience

Here are some tips on how to help your flirting skills:

  • Make eye contact – if you are interested, then show by how much through your eyes.
  • Smile at her – smiling at her will make her smile back – she will associate the good feeling with you.
  • Tease her – If you are like me and like to tease people, then do so, it is just a bit of fun. However, you have to know when to stop as it can get irritating if done for too long.
  • Listen to her – Show you are interested in what she is saying. Most people only hear what people are saying just so they can reply and bring the conversation back to them.
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