Elements that women look for in men

Chances are, you’ve already asked yourself that tricky question, and that you’ve ever even thought of asking around if you already haven’t. Despite all that, you’re yet to find out just what girls are looking for in guys.

If you thought that women only look for guys with looks that kill and money that can buy anything–then you’re wrong. Those are just the frosting on the cake. How else can you explain why rich handsome men are still searching for women to fill the gap in their lives?

Look around and you can spot them all, they may have women crawling and fighting for them, but none of these women are actually truly interested in the man but in his money and the “trophy” they will get in being seen with him.

Find out what makes a man worthy. What is it about that guy who is has average looks and a meager pay that makes him attractive? He has substance that no money can buy and no looks can overcome. Do you possess that substance?

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